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The Lily Nicole Show

Sep 8, 2022

Less than 3 months after giving birth, Lily started experiencing EXTREME sharp pains in my stomach which turned out to be gallstones that led to attacks and acute pancreatitis that kept her in the hospital for days with talks of surgery (less than a week before her wedding!!!)

Over the past 7 years, Lily has swung between extreme focus on weight loss and dieting... to extreme focus on body positivity and anti-diet culture.

The past 2 years, she started to question my strong anti-diet stance, yet did nothing about it...and in this episode, she shares why she believes that she manifested gallstones in order to FORCE her to finally focus on solve her problem.

Tune in now to hear all the details!


**NONE of this is medical advice, simply my own experiences in navigating my own health issues


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