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The Lily Nicole Show

Jan 13, 2020

In this episode, I shared the truth about what is required to hit a 6-figure year, and I assure you, it's not expanding your network, learning your algorithms or "following up" with potential clients.

If you put $100k on your vision board for 2020, it's not as crazy of an idea as you might think. Listen to this episode and let me know what your biggest takeaway was by messaging me on Instagram @lilynicolecoaching -- I want to hear from you!


Bold Bodied Entrepreneurs, my 5-week program to help you embrace your body, own your presence and create a global impact with your online business begins on 1/19! I shared the answers to many FAQs about BBE at the end of this episode. If you're wondering things like the following, stick around until the end so you can get the answers and contact me on Instagram or Facebook for personalized payment plan options and links to enroll!

-Is this just for established coaches, or new coaches too?
-Is this a body confidence program?
-What’s involved? What’s the time commitment?
-What are the results?
-Will it help me hit my money goals?
-Will it help me create my coaching offers?
-What’s the difference between BBE and 1:1 coaching?