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The Lily Nicole Show

May 19, 2022

Here it is, the last episode of season 1 of Bold Bodied Podcast!

123 episodes is enough, right?!


Everything you have right now in your life is because of the decisions and investments you’ve made in your past. Are you making the right decisions and investments?


Flash back in time with Lily as she records her LAST podcast while pregnant! Lily gives you a reminder to go after what you WANT, as well as her next business moves after Maternity Leave, what's next for Bold Bodied Season 2 and ways you can work with her this summer!


It’s time to take your life back, put some skin in the game and get what you f*cking WANT out of life! 


The Maternity Leave Package:

DM “mastermind info” to for info on the Summer Mastermind + check out more about it here:


Use coupon code BOLDBODIED33 to save 33% on all programs!


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Connect with Lily: on IG and TikTok!