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The Lily Nicole Show

Nov 3, 2022

Money Management is the Daddy Energy in your business. So many spiritual entrepreneurs (GUILTY!!!) leave the beautiful flow of their money manifestation completely unsupported, which means they know how to bring money in when they need it, but their business isn't sustainable or creating deep financial change in their bank accounts and lives.


  • The difference between money management & money manifestation & how/when to priortize both
  • Making budgeting desirable
  • How to create a sustainable business structure
  • What to do if you have zero money management skills or knowledge


FROM THE EPISODE: The QRE Coaching Certification is accepting applications for January 2023! Get yours in before the price changes on 11/14




Shay Bacani is the owner of Centure Financial. She grew up in a middle class, working family and never cared to know or understand money. That was until after the 2008 crash, when her family went from middle class to homeless. After experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty, Shay dove headfirst into learning about money and how it truly works. Through years of education, seminars, research, and over half a decade of working in corporate accounting for multiple Fortune 500 companies, she hit a financial breakthrough. By properly managing my money, she was able to make my first six figures, save her first five figures, buy a home, and become an active investor. Her mission is to create more profitable female-led brands by helping them manage, organize, and grow their money the right way. 



Instagram: @centurefinancial




Lily Nicole is a Master Life Coach specializing in the unconscious mind, helping women grow their businesses by uninstalling all of the $h!t beneath the surface that is making their lives harder, and then filling those gaps with new beliefs that will skyrocket their realities. Lily is founder of the Lily Nicole Co brand, and certifies coaches in subconscious and somatic techniques through The Quantum Ripple Effect Institute.