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The Lily Nicole Show

Dec 16, 2019

"Giving is more important than receiving." I'm calling BULLSHIT on that in today's episode, and my explanation behind it is going to blow your freaking mind.

I'm also teaching you how to connect to your body through orgasmic manifestation and intimately knowing yourself in order to receive, and in order to accept the manifestations that do come into your life, and explain all about how this helps us give to other people, helps them receive, and creates a beautiful circle of connection to ourselves and the people in our lives.

This is the first training from the FILL YOUR CUP Summit being hosted inside my Facebook group, #nofilter with Lily Nicole (search the group and add yourself!)

This Summit is being filled with amazing trainings from amazing women all about filling your cup this holiday season. Replays of each training will be available for life, so no matter when you are coming across this episode, join the Facebook group and click the Units tab to watch all the FILL YOUR CUP trainings.

When you're listening to this episode or watching any of the trainings in the summit, be sure to take a screenshot and tag me in your Instagram Story @lilynicolecoaching so I can thank you and spread your love!