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The Lily Nicole Show

Nov 8, 2019

WELCOME to The Bold-Bodied Entrepreneur Podcast!! I am SO excited to be stepping into this space with you.

This show is for the woman ready to turn-on the power she holds inside of her body. In the spiritual business world, we've grown so distant from our bodies as we get to know our souls, and it is my mission to bring the two back together so that women can operate in our full, magnetic energy in order to attract next level clients, dates, experiences and soul sisters. In this show, you'll be inspired to take the filter off of your face AND your words, and spread your message with passion and conviction.

It is time to release yourself from a lifelong battle with your body, learn to understand its incredible power, own the fuck out of your presence and expand your energy across the world. You have it within you to make a global impact. Wear the shit out of that crown, babygirl.

In this first episode, I share raw and vulnerable parts of my story and my relationship with my body in order to connect with you and as a reminder that none of us are alone in our insecurities...AND that we all have the power to grow into a new place if we choose to.


Take a screenshot of the episode and upload it to Instagram Stories--make sure to tag me @lilynicolecoaching. THEN come back and leave a rating and review for this show, take a screenshot and send it to me as a DM on IG, and you're entered!

2 PEOPLE will be winning 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me ($200 value) and every person who enters will receive a code for $50 off an hour long 1:1 session if you choose to use it. I so appreciate your help in spreading this message out to the world!


INSTAGRAM: @lilynicolecoaching

FACEBOOK: #nofilter with Lily Nicole