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The Lily Nicole Show

Mar 30, 2020

Ask yourself: am I being me? Or am I being who I think I have to be?

Do I think i’m CHOOSING who I’m being, when really I’m just falling into a pattern created by someone else?


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Mar 23, 2020

Today's conversation covered:

-what the Akashic Records are

-how to gain access to them

-what we can learn from knowing about our past lives

-what our past lives can tell us about our interests, habits and emotions

-how past life experiences may be affecting your reaction to the coronavirus pandemic



Mar 17, 2020

Guided meditation for reducing anxiety during a stressful time.


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Mar 16, 2020

it’s not “spread love and light and focus on only what you can control” OR “this is a real threat and a real fear and and you need to stop positive thinking it away”


it’s both. it’s neither. it’s all. it’s none.

there’s no right or wrong, right now.

let’s have a conversation about what that...

Mar 10, 2020

We talked about the truth behind money manifestation!


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