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The Lily Nicole Show

Oct 13, 2022

I never identified as addicted to drinking, or an alcoholic, BUT...I spent all of my adult life obsessed with alcohol.

The last time I was drunk was March 7, 2021. This episode is all about WHAT I did to make that change and how I got it to finally stick (even after years of promising myself I'd give it a shot and always going back on my word...)

Today's Episode:

  • How to know if quitting drinking is the right decision for you
  • Lily's journey with over 400+ days alcohol free
  • What it looks like at the start of giving up alcohol vs once it becomes habit NOT to drink
  • 3 tips to start living an alcohol-free lifestyle, OR simply reduce your alcohol consumption
  • BONUS: "can I still smoke if I'm alcohol free?"

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